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Musical Road Hits Sour Notes With Neighbors
Local officials say it was a mistake to allow a television commercial company to grind grooves into a stretch of desert roadway near Lancaster to enable car tires to play a song -- "The William Tell Overture" -- as people drive over it.

The sounds are disturbing people in a nearby subdivision, the Daily News reports. The City of Lancaster plans to pave over the musical grooves Tuesday.

Persons driving the posted 55 miles an hour west on Avenue K, in the high desert about five miles west of the Antelope Valley (14) Freeway, hear about 38 musical notes of the well-known theme, also known as the overture to "The Lone Ranger."

American Honda has paid for the promotion as part of a television ad campaign set to air this fall, but amateurs have peppered YouTube with homemade renditions of their own vehicles rolling over the grooves.

The road is tuned to a car just exactly the length, and equipped with tires the same size, as a Honda Civic, a spokesman for Honda said. But other vehicles are also successful in playing the notes, if a little off-key.

That noise is not exactly music to the ears of persons living in a nearby subdivision, who are telling the Daily News that the notes blend into a cacophony that keeps them awake at night.

"When you hear it late at night, it will wake you up from a sound sleep," said music critic Brian Robin, who lives a half mile away from the project. "It's awakened my wife three or four times a night," he told the newspaper.

But people from elsewhere are delighted. "I think it's kind of cool," said Peggy Hager of Llano. "When you are driving out on Avenue K, you're going out to the middle of nowhere. It's a nice surprise to come across this thing."

Avenue K got its groove on Sept. 5, and the sour notes from neighbors soon reached a crescendo at City Hall, said Pauline East, the Antelope Valley Film Office liaison officer. The street was volunteered to help attract filmmakers and their dollars to the High Desert, she said.

"Was it historic? Yes," she told the Daily News.

"Maybe the wrong location? Obviously. We thought it was far enough away."
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At Baker & Bristol in Costa Mesa, on the Baker side of the big mall, there is a sushi place. It is called "Full Moon Sushi." Their logo as seen on their sins signs is the eye in the pyramid.

No, I don't know either.
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Yet more dopamine-inspired beautiful madness from Lee Abrams, the Motivational Think of What and Chief Rotorvator at the Times is here:

Most importantly I think this sort of thing would shake people in a good way without sacrificing the comfort or the integrity of what a newspaper delivers. A powerful new look that unleashes the timeless power of print...makes a statement--e Aren't tweaking...We aren't wallowing in grief. We are aggressively designing the future!

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Man found with body on ice speaks briefly from jail
He hints at reason for what happened.
The Orange County Register

A man found with a dead woman's body on dry ice in his Newport Beach hotel room spoke briefly from the Orange County Jail this morning.

Everything that happened was... )

Major points for the Wiseguy references. Are all cokeheads stuck in the 80s?
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Bonjour [ profile] substitute!

Pardon! On est désolés! Le serveur a mangé trop de bûche
à Noël et nous avons du retard pour l'envoi des brouzoufs.
Nos petites mains ont travaillé dur et le problème est
maintenant résolu : voici 222 brouzoufs.

Avec toutes nos excuses!
A bientôt sur [REDACTED]

L'équipe [REDACTED]

1. I have no idea why they'd owe me 222 euros.

2. I had to look at an online French slang dictionary to find out that a brouzouf is a euro.

Edit:A commenter has the real story: it's some kind of bonus point scheme at, and not 222 euros. So it is for real and not incomprehensible! Yay!
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This is Nick's fault.
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Caption of the day and/or News QOTD of the day from the Orange County Register:

"Craig Gross, founder of XXX, next to a stack of "Jesus loves a porn star" Bibles that his staff handed out at the AVN Adult Expo in Los Vegas in January. This weekend, Gross is coming to Huntington Beach for one of the organization's signature events: Porn and Pancakes."

At least they have pancakes.
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Courtesy [ profile] klikitak, some apparent placeholder text on Ms. Rachael Ray's website for her "heirloom recipe" submission form.

for when it's taken down )

I for one would pay good money to watch Ms. Ray lead a UFO death cult into oblivion.
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CBS Was Warned on "Kid Nation," Documents Show

Four children received medical treatment for accidentally drinking bleach, one child was burned on her face with hot grease while cooking in an unsupervised kitchen, and most of the children were required to work 14 hours or longer per day.

CBS officials had used the "camp" designation to characterize the reality show in discussions with parents.

CBS contended the children were not employees because they were not performing specific work for specific wages.
Bonus points: The Attorney General investigating the event is named "Buzzard."

I think they intended to recreate Lord of the Flies but the effect was more Kamp Krusty. For this kind of bad publicity they should have at least got one or two pig heads on a stick, if not a full Battle Royale.

I suggest SURVIVOR: EXPOSED! in which infants will be left on mountaintops. As the show progresses, we find out which ones survive, raised by wolves, and return to the city to wreak a terrible vengeance.


Aug. 14th, 2007 10:37 pm
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BEST PARTY EVER! No, I don't know either. Better not to ask.

cut for 1.6M animgif )
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There is a miniature train for children, of the kind found in amusement parks, driving around my neighborhood making loud fake train noises.

I'll try to get MEDIA DOCUMENTATION if it comes by again.
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pink pink glock glock[ profile] springheel_jack pointed me to this: Bill O'Reilly, who has been sailing further and further from the shore, reports that gangs of armed lesbians are running amok. Apparently they force homosexuality on hapless victims, some as young as 10 years old! Best quote:
"It's all over the country," Wheeler replied. "I mean, you go from New York to California to wherever you want to name, you can see these organizations." Next came the pink guns. "Now, the other thing, too, that our viewers are going to find very, very interesting, is the fact that they actually carry—some of these groups carry pink pistols," Wheeler said. "They call themselves the pink-pistol-packing group. And these are lesbians that actually carry pistols. That's 9-millimeter Glocks. They use these. They commit crimes, and they cause a lot of hurt to a lot of people."
. And, terror of terrors, THEY'RE RIGHT! ARMED GAYS DON'T GET BASHED
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Emphases below are mine:


Date: Tue 19 Jun 2007
Source: Charlotte (NC) Observer [edited] <>

Health officials closed a China Grove, NC, restaurant linked to a deadly _Escherichia coli_ outbreak on Mon 18 Jun 2007 after learning some employees slaughtered a goat there in May 2007.

At a news conference, Rowan County Health Director Leonard Wood said that on Fri 15 Jun 2007 a former employee of Captain's Galley Seafood Restaurant in China Grove told health officials a goat had been slaughtered in the kitchen. Wood said the restaurant's owners confirmed the goat slaughter over the weekend. News of the slaughter was "very disturbing" to him and the restaurant's owners, Wood said. "They don't know if or when the restaurant will reopen," he said.

On Thu 14 Jun 2007 an 86-year-old Salisbury resident died at Rowan Regional Medical Center of complications related to an infection of a dangerous strain of the bacterium _E. coli_ [O157:H7]. She was one of 21 people who got sick after eating at the restaurant, Wood said.

Health officials said they interviewed 26 employees and heard conflicting stories. The goat was slaughtered sometime between 11 and 20 May 2007, Wood said. Restaurant patrons got sick between 26 May and 3 Jun 2007, Wood said.

Health officials cannot prove the outbreak of the intestinal disease was caused by the goat slaughter, Wood said. It will be hard to establish a link without finding part of the goat carcass. "I'm not sure we'll ever be able to confirm the goat (as the source of the illness), or anything, for that matter," he said.

Greensboro lawyer David Brown, who represents the restaurant owner, said he believes 2 or 3 employees were involved. One had been with the restaurant for a while and was a person "in whom we had confidence," Brown said. The other 2 employees were recent hires, he said.

Brown said he was told the goat wasn't killed "for some religious or cultural reason, but simply a desire to cook the goat and eat it." Brown also said the employees bought the goat from a local farmer and brought it into the restaurant after hours, Brown said. The employees killed the goat in the kitchen, but took it elsewhere to cook, Brown said. The attorney said the employees didn't use the restaurant's utensils.

Health officials announced the _E. coli_ outbreak on 7 Jun 2007. Officials said they learned of another suspected case of _E. coli_ on 18 June 2007, bringing the total to 8 confirmed cases and 13 suspected cases.

[Byline: Sharif Durhams and Adam Bell]

-- Contributed by: ProMED-mail <>

[The association of _E. coli_ O157 and restaurants is not new and, in fact, undercooked ground beef from a fast food chain caused the initial outbreak of the disease in 1982 (1). Since then, outbreaks have occurred related to ground beef and a variety of other vehicles including unpasteurized cow's milk, contaminated water (for swimming or drinking), petting zoos and contaminated uncooked vegetables.

Other domesticated animals have also been associated with the organism besides bovines, including goats (caprines). Outbreaks have been associated with unpasteurized goat milk (2) and ProMED has previously reported cases associated with goat cheese (20060512.1356). Not surprisingly, goats in petting zoos have been found to carry the organism in the gastrointestinal tracts (3,4).

Although meat from the slaughtered goat was not available for testing (hence, no "smoking caprine"), this outbreak is unique for this possible epidemiologic link.]
(This is ganked from the Pro-Med mailing list, available at <>)
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The story itself is interesting, but the picture. The picture.

spockalypse yow
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This just in from Dover Motor Speedway and VISA to my email inbox:

go go gadget awfuckit

Cup Race at Dover to be named the "Autism Speaks 400 presented by Visa"

Gosh, the Asburgers at this stadium are delicious. And with the choice, convenience, acceptance, and security of VISA I could make them happen!


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