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The Teacher of the Year awards were handed out today, and the newspaper had a series of heartwarming photos of teachers being awarded, congratulated, etc. In this picture a teacher has been awarded, and is being hugged. But something is terribly wrong.

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From an AP story about the Australian fires at via [ profile] zebulon_y:

hurr durr meterology

Oh, and we have chaparral, dude. With the SAME TREES.
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tha po lice

Pakistani policewomen with submachineguns and henna'd hands, watching the marketplace during Eid. Hot! But, also:



Nov. 19th, 2008 06:34 am
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SPACE WALK ASTRONAUTS LOSE TOOLS (This happened in a Stanislaw Lem story and it was fucking hilarious. Poor guy spends the rest of his trip being taunted by the wrench orbiting his spaceship, going by the cockpit window.)
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This is a good day to read those Page 14/third page of "more news" stories, because it's a great day to bury something you can't completely hide.

I'm just saying.
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Musical Road Hits Sour Notes With Neighbors
Local officials say it was a mistake to allow a television commercial company to grind grooves into a stretch of desert roadway near Lancaster to enable car tires to play a song -- "The William Tell Overture" -- as people drive over it.

The sounds are disturbing people in a nearby subdivision, the Daily News reports. The City of Lancaster plans to pave over the musical grooves Tuesday.

Persons driving the posted 55 miles an hour west on Avenue K, in the high desert about five miles west of the Antelope Valley (14) Freeway, hear about 38 musical notes of the well-known theme, also known as the overture to "The Lone Ranger."

American Honda has paid for the promotion as part of a television ad campaign set to air this fall, but amateurs have peppered YouTube with homemade renditions of their own vehicles rolling over the grooves.

The road is tuned to a car just exactly the length, and equipped with tires the same size, as a Honda Civic, a spokesman for Honda said. But other vehicles are also successful in playing the notes, if a little off-key.

That noise is not exactly music to the ears of persons living in a nearby subdivision, who are telling the Daily News that the notes blend into a cacophony that keeps them awake at night.

"When you hear it late at night, it will wake you up from a sound sleep," said music critic Brian Robin, who lives a half mile away from the project. "It's awakened my wife three or four times a night," he told the newspaper.

But people from elsewhere are delighted. "I think it's kind of cool," said Peggy Hager of Llano. "When you are driving out on Avenue K, you're going out to the middle of nowhere. It's a nice surprise to come across this thing."

Avenue K got its groove on Sept. 5, and the sour notes from neighbors soon reached a crescendo at City Hall, said Pauline East, the Antelope Valley Film Office liaison officer. The street was volunteered to help attract filmmakers and their dollars to the High Desert, she said.

"Was it historic? Yes," she told the Daily News.

"Maybe the wrong location? Obviously. We thought it was far enough away."
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(CNN) -- Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards admitted Friday to having an extramartial affair in 2006 with a woman who worked on his campaign

[SFX: The United States Air Force Marching Band, "Mademoiselle D'Armentieres"]
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Iran conducts all crude oil trade in euro and yen

TEHRAN, April 30 (Reuters) - Iran, the world's fourth-largest oil producer, is conducting all its crude trading in euro and yen, instead of the U.S. dollar, an Iranian official was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

So, maybe a guy shooting his mouth off, or a mistake of some kind. But Google only has 11 articles grouped in this topic and if it's true, it would be an uncomfortably big story. Because unless I'm wrong, that's a war-starter move.

Thanks to [ profile] hepkitten for the pointer
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The continuing coverage of the coke freak living at the fancy hotel with his dead girlfriend packed in dry ice today spat out this gem:

"Jose Suntes, co-owner of ABC Ice House in Laguna Niguel, said a significant amount of the product would be needed to keep a body frozen. A caterer throwing a luau would typically use 20 pounds of dry ice each day to keep a 120-pound pig frozen, Suntes said."
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  1. Lizard Man Mystery

  2. Creepy Gnome Terror

Thanks to [ profile] springheel_jack and Joshua for these.

Nick! Go investigate.
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Woman Covers Home with "Messages from God"

Special attention to the slideshows, particularly one very UN aerodynamic vehicle.
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CBS Was Warned on "Kid Nation," Documents Show

Four children received medical treatment for accidentally drinking bleach, one child was burned on her face with hot grease while cooking in an unsupervised kitchen, and most of the children were required to work 14 hours or longer per day.

CBS officials had used the "camp" designation to characterize the reality show in discussions with parents.

CBS contended the children were not employees because they were not performing specific work for specific wages.
Bonus points: The Attorney General investigating the event is named "Buzzard."

I think they intended to recreate Lord of the Flies but the effect was more Kamp Krusty. For this kind of bad publicity they should have at least got one or two pig heads on a stick, if not a full Battle Royale.

I suggest SURVIVOR: EXPOSED! in which infants will be left on mountaintops. As the show progresses, we find out which ones survive, raised by wolves, and return to the city to wreak a terrible vengeance.
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Spineless "Opposition" Grants President Crazy Spy Powers

That photo. Wow. Thanks to [ profile] jwz. No thanks to Dianne Feinstein.

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
We're finally on our own...
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Once again my local FOX affiliate takes on the big issues. In this case, the shadowy, malevolent hacker underground group that will do anything for LULZ: spoilers, gay porn, myspace hacking, and blowing up the same car over and over. Phil Shuman, you've once again raised the bar for satire.


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