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I am the founder of Raising Kings Market Place Ministry, The Pastor of Sutter Baptist Church and author of Give Real Hope. I have worked in many industries. I was the owner of a Mortgage Banking company, Real Estate Agent, Painting Contractor Company. My focus is expanding the kingdom of God. Raising Kings is the Hub for many industries: Real Estate, Humanitarian Efforts, Arts, Movies, government, Entertainment and much more. We are a marketplace ministry. We'd like to help you connect with the right industry the right people and the right resources for you to live your dream. Within Raising Kings Market Place Ministry I am currently working on promoting a New Reality TV show, Promoting Sylvester & Jennifer Stallone's new company and expanding the kingdom of God. My vision is to empower people with tools and resources to expand the kingdom of God upon this earth. I work for God and I am here to serve you. What's your dream? It's all about empowering YOU with everything you need to live your DREAM. Do Rare Extraordinary Actions Mentally. Let's talk! Let's get connected. Let's Give Real Hope. GIVE....Godly Investments Valued Eternally. REAL....Real Estate Asset Leveraging.....HOPE....Helping Others Prosper Economically. So let's today.

from Raising Kings Marketplace
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Unintentional sketch comedy results from extremely detailed correction of Mickey Mouse theological communication errors. Rodent issues fully explained.

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I reject the "Anonymous" campaign against Scientology, and its widespread acceptance.

Scientology is an unpleasant and sometimes frightening organization. I find nothing to love about them. They are a cult in every negative sense of the word, they use coercive and threatening tactics, they have an alarming amount of money, and they are particularly good at snaring well-known people and using them as propagandists. Let's assume that I agree with everything the opponents of Scientology say about their bad behavior.

The group is an easy target for bullying. They're rich and litigious, but there are not many of them, and they are not a mainstream religion. I have seen national surveys that described them as the most hated or feared organization in the country. Attacking Scientology in public can result in litigation and threats, but it's socially acceptable.

Their evils are not unique, and their reach and power are limited. It's true that they extract money and service from their followers, use coercion and even force to retain them, present their associated groups dishonestly, and give terrible advice about mental health care, some of which may be deadly. That's terrible.

Let's look at the Catholic Church. Their history is two millennia of war, murder, intolerance, hatred of women, racism, slavery, corruption, terrorism, invasion, stealthy control of governments, and absolute autarchic invididual power. To this day they manipulate politics all over the world. They protect their priests from the law, even when nauseating crimes have been committed. And their strictures on women's health are deadly, cruel, and irrational and have the force of law over millions worldwide. They are even complicit in the Holocaust.

Jehovah's Witnesses and Christian Scientists have a deadly disregard for modern medicine, and their members die for lack of readily available care. They impose this fatal ideology on their children and recruit others, who will then also face life-threatening disease with a crippling religious stricture.

I could move on to the Mormons here, but the point has been made. Scientology is a destructive ideology and the church is a dreadful organization. But on the larger scale of religious wickedness they are a small player.

Scientology looms large in the world of educated Americans with Internet access. Celebrities are our pantheon, and most of us have encountered Scientology in colleges too. We're their primary recruiting target. And most importantly, we're permitted to despise them as a group. They are, as they themselves would put it, fair game.

The language used by the Anonymous people is that of communal violence. Their half-funny, half creepy manifesto is mostly tongue-in-cheek, but the language is venomous. Invoking Rosa Parks and the Velvet Revolution in a document that declares war on a smallish religion is just nasty, even if you're trying to be funny. The half-baked teen speechifying is bad enough, but something like "Social unrest will follow social awareness, social revolt will follow social outcry, and at the end of all of this there will be change" in the context of an attack on a religious group is nastier.

Imagine for a moment that this crusade was pointed at the Seventh-Day Adventists, the Mormons, or the Catholics. Or take a look at the rhetoric of the American war party about Muslims, and compare. And this, too: Imagine an elementary school aged child in a family of Scientologists who reads this, and then walks to school and looks around at the other kids wondering what's going on?

Scientology isn't an ethnic group or nation. This is not like an attack on black people or Mexicans or Germans.

But doesn't anyone find it disturbing that so many are cheerfully supporting a mob attack? It's impossible to list all the victims of Catholicism or even Christian Science. If you waged a propaganda war and invoked demonstrations against Jehovah's Witnesses people would call you an intolerant jerk.

We can attack Scientology because they're already disliked and socially marginal, and because they loom large in our own privileged and celebrity-obsessed world. But they're a bad target.

There's a war on. In the U.S. our own government is tossing Iraqis and Afghans into a giant woodchipper, 24 hours a day. Among religions, well-known and respected organizations support the war, successfully oppose the distribution of condoms in AIDS-ridden places, condone the molestation of children, and oppose the HPV vaccine on the grounds that sexual punishment of fornicating women is just.

Why is anyone at all being trolled into this nonsense?
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Be sure to keep watching, because at around 3:20 the real party starts.

You have to imagine being in the apartment next to this guy while he practices, too. High-quality outsider religion.

Thanks to [ profile] 33mhz!
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25 After you have had children and grandchildren and have lived in the land a long time—if you then become corrupt and make any kind of idol, doing evil in the eyes of the LORD your God and provoking him to anger, 26 I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you this day that you will quickly perish from the land that you are crossing the Jordan to possess. You will not live there long but will certainly be destroyed. -- Deuteronomy 4:25-26

Did God give O.C. woman backstage pass to 'American Idol'?

Leesa Bellesi threw her hands up in the air and prayed: "Here I am Lord, send me to the backstage of 'American Idol.' "

She was watching Season 5 of the ultra-popular television show in her Laguna Beach home at the time.

It was her calling, she thought, "to minister to the needs of the people on that show."

Several weeks later, out of the blue, a pretty girl named Katharine McPhee walked into Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena where Leesa's husband, Denny, founder of Coast Hills Community Church in Aliso Viejo, was serving as the interim teaching pastor. Katharine asked Leesa and Denny to pray for her – as she was about to go into seclusion for "American Idol."

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Just when I thought Orange County Religion couldn't get any worse, they ratchet up into another level of awful!
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Caption of the day and/or News QOTD of the day from the Orange County Register:

"Craig Gross, founder of XXX, next to a stack of "Jesus loves a porn star" Bibles that his staff handed out at the AVN Adult Expo in Los Vegas in January. This weekend, Gross is coming to Huntington Beach for one of the organization's signature events: Porn and Pancakes."

At least they have pancakes.
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This is a fascinating al-Jazeera news story about the new "U.S.-Friendly" Sunni alliance in Anbar, the now-dead sheikh supposed to have been in charge of the alliance, and the inevitable money and power game behind that show.

Part I riffs on Apocalypse Now in a very heavy-handed way, appropriately so.

Friday, and we're still in Amman...

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Impersonating the U.S. Government? Yup. False Census mailer? Yup. Official-looking eagle and star logo? Yup. Aimed at seniors? Oh yeah.

This time the Rev. Lou Sheldon, chief huckster of the religious right, has really boned it. I reported it so far to the Census Bureau and the Post Office. Oddly there's an article from last year about this from the SFGate site but no one is yet in jail.

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My high school biology teacher was an original. Passionate about his subject, honest and plain-spoken, and invariably good-natured, he was a hero to me at the time. I was terrible at biology but I loved the ideas and I loved him.

He was a park ranger in the summers, and he took us out on field trips in, well, the fields to find out what our local ecosystem had to offer.

His experience stretched beyond life science. He had been a seminary student and on a serious track to the priesthood at one point, and he was also an expert in several Native American spiritual traditions. He wouldn't eat meat without apologizing to the animal, for example.

One day in class the subject of the occult somehow came up. I'm not sure, but I think it was related to a classmate of mine who scared the pants off herself with a ouija board. Some bit of aleatory coincidence made her think a dead relative was speaking and she flipped. Our teacher looked thoughtful at this and said "I have a story."
"When I was in the seminary, I had a lot of trouble with the idea of the Devil. I couldn't reconcile myself to the idea that an individual, some fallen angel, was permitted to exist and to hate us. And I couldn't wrap my mind around the dogma of evil, especially personified evil. My supervisor told me to fast and meditate about it and I did.

"So I didnt eat much at all, and prayed and meditated for three days. This is difficult and I do not suggest you do it yourself without a good reason and a supervisor. Near the end of the third day, I got up to go into the other room and there was someone sitting in there. He introduced himself as the Devil, and said he'd heard I wanted to know about him. He didn't look evil or have horns or anything. But it was clear somehow that he was the genuine article, you know. Not some prank.

"So I talked with the Devil for a few hours, and he explained his role to me, and why there was evil in the world. He himself didn't know why God permitted him, but he was quite serious about evil and his hatred for everyone. Very calm conversation, but obviously very chilling.

"And then he didn't leave. I hung around wondering what to do, and he just sat there. I realized then that the problem with inviting the Devil in is that he doesn't have to leave unless he wants to. I gave up on getting rid of him and went for a long walk, because that's solved so many problems for me. When I came back there was no Devil, and I had breakfast and went to sleep.

"And yes there is a moral to this story, right? Because there always is with me. Yeah, the moral is that you shouldn't play with things you can't understand or control. As much as it may look like a good idea, you're risking everything. And really it doesn't matter whether the Devil exists or I was hallucinating after all that fasting. In either case I couldn't get him to leave and it was terrifying.

"So, yeah. If the ouija board does that to you, leave it alone."
He had a picture on his wall of the Voyager message plaque, you know the one with the planet map and the humans and the symbols. The right-wing super-fundamentalist creationist smbiology teacher down the hall (yes, I know) got in the room one night and painted it over because it had nakeds on it. He also removed and destroyed the part of the anatomical charts that had genitalia on it. They had a little war, or rather the religioso waged war on my teacher. I think you can guess who won.
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I, doll, a tree.

Admittedly it's not as good as the actual "Christian Idol" contest, but it's still a win. Please assume all jokes about "extra golden calf" to have been made.

Bonus points for "Superbowl Syndrome" in which the pizza company can't actually say "American Idol" because that's an owned phrase, so they have to somehow push the concept of idolatry itself through warm disc foods.
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Billy Graham's Resting Place

Once it's completed in the spring, visitors will pass through a 40-foot-high glass entry cut in the shape of a cross and be greeted by a mechanical talking cow.

...but will it be GOLDEN?
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From [ profile] torgo_x in another thread, the answer to the question: "What do those right-wing evangelicals want, anyway?":

~ What they want ~
I'm in your HOUSE!
They wanna meet the President of Jesus and tour the Holiness Factory and all the oompa loompas are wearing nice suits and smiling and it looks like a set from Dynasty on the TV except it's real, and then James Baker runs up and gives them a kissykiss and everyone giggles, and everyone gonna getta big chocolate Jesus with magic gold USA flag wrapper yaaay.

Then all sortsa Jewwwws and gayinese commniststs and Alkalaidas show up and say "gawwd, we were so... [sobbing] SO WRONG! And you were right! SUPERSORRY!" and there's hugging and crying and Dr Phil is there to make sure it's all very solemn/joyous. Except the Alkalaini, he goes "yalalala" and hits his detonator button, ohno! But his chestbomb thing comically goes "PFFFT!", and he cries and runs away all spazzy and everyone laughs at him REALLY LOUD. (The Oompa Loompas will catch him and lynch him. Applause.)

Then everyone gets a gift bag of "victory swag" and they're all instantly [special effect!] wearing the clever "GOT JESUS???" etc t-shirts. So from now on, everyone will treat them like they're smart and popular! And the air conditioning never breaks.

And one of the 'Loomps gives a happy speech and everyone smiles and claps.

And then it's off to a special advance screening of Apocalypto!!

In an aquarium full of lube. Forever. nevar fogret
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Halloween time is funny nowadays.

Businesses desperately need Halloween, since holidays mean spending, so they want to make anything they sell somehow orange, spooky, or candy-related. The boom in "adult" Halloween celebrations means that slutty costumes and spooky alcohol are a huge money deal now.

The children's holiday of my childhood continues, which means big money selling candy and party favors and pumpkin-oriented merchandise. And less slutty costumes, although some parents seem to have forgotten that pimp 'n' ho outfits or slutty nurse costumes aren't too great for the little ones.

But then we have the Christians. There are a lot of very conservative evangelicals around here, and they're wealthy too. If you get too spooky and devilish, they complain and you can lose their business. Since they're stuck with the evangelical ghetto version of the holiday you can sell them stuff too, but it has to be for some neutered "harvest" holiday: squash, orange things, candy corn, centerpieces made from um sheaves or something. They'll have a party and eat pumpkin pie and pray a lot and talk about Fall, and no demons allowed. It's goofy but I understand. If I really believed in demons and evil witches, I wouldn't want to play around about it and have my kids dressing up that way.

So, a lot of stores talk about "the season!" or "fall" or just have orange things, and it's funny to see which ones do this and how they get around using the H word. The combination of hypocrisy and greed is always good for a laugh.

I saw a hilarious example at one of our local churches this week. They're having a fun celebration for the kids and there was a big sign and display outside for it. They wisely sidestepped both "Halloween" and "harvest" but their choice was, wait for it... pirates. So there was a big pirate ship display and a "Pirate Fun Party" sign.

I agree with them that demons, devils, lost souls, ghosts, witches, and the Undead are not cool in their world and shouldn't be celebrated. But what exactly is the difference between trivializing the terrors of Hell and whitewashing the rape, murder, pillaging, alcoholism, prison-sex sodomy, Vitamin C deficiency, and sociopathic greed of piracy? Maybe you guys should just go back to the sheaves-as-centerpieces thing and have some pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are tasty.
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After a conversation with the Exploding Aardvark tonight I realize I have accidentally come up with a new holiday.

I haven't been eating much during the day and then at night recently I've been going out for Japanese noodles. A lot. Both frequently and a lot of noodles. Tonight I had the hakata ramen, with extra noodles, chashu, and wonton, at Shinsengumi.

I am celebrating Ramendan. Clearly this is some kind of Flying Spaghetti Monster holiday.


Sep. 13th, 2006 11:38 pm
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The Kabbalah's Tree of Life as a London Underground map
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The Anthropic Principle is the most ridiculous thing I have seen produced by real grown-up scientists.

It's fascinating in a train-wreck way to watch geeks reinvent wheels. Clearly there wasn't any need to stay awake during Philosophy 10, much less do any reading on the subject later on when they got big ideas about the place of humanity in the universe.


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