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[ profile] kniwt was kind enough to point out that I was right in March 2007, and others have been kind to point out that I was right in July 2003 about the oncoming subprime mortgage tsunami.

I'd love to call myself a prophet, but most of us in Newport saw that one coming. Too bad the financial journalists didn't get to reporting on it until it was too late. Wonder why that happened?
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This is a horrible flashback to the first two elections of my voting career: Mondale v. Reagan and Dukakis v. Bush Sr.

Preparing my absentee ballot and ordering a case of Maker's Mark, here.
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US Measles Outbreak Hits 15 States

I'm taking my nephew to a Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever party as soon as I can!
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"Data centres consumed 0.6% of the world's electricity in 2000, and 1% in 2005. Globally, they are already responsible for more carbon-dioxide emissions per year than Argentina or the Netherlands, according to a recent study by McKinsey, a consultancy, and the Uptime Institute, a think-tank. If today's trends hold, these emissions will have grown four-fold by 2020, reaching 670m tonnes. By some estimates, the carbon footprint of cloud computing will then be larger than that of aviation."
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The latest in the series of maniacal memos from Lee Abrams to Tribune Staff is at Romenesko in its entirety, via LA Observed's synopsis.

So beautiful. Excerpts:

Using my favorite music analogies--Imagine Newspaper CONTENT is a major artist. Currently they are performing in a old but reliable venue. What happens if the artist (Content) moves into a new super venue? Fans will love it--the music (content) will sound clearer...better seats...etc...If you create anew venue (look) and you do it RIGHT, people will love it. Not unlike a new baseball park.

THREE DAY PREVIEW: Why is it only weather can do three day previews? Newspapers tend to look at YESTERDAY. How about looking at TOMORROW..and the days after. You can't predict breaking news of course, but you CAN condition readers that there IS a tomorrow and YOU will be there.

Because Newspapers are in every home and on every street
corner. The better the paper IS and does, the stronger all of the other
brands will be!!! Creating new brands to reach non traditional print
demos is good...but the stronger and more potent the core paper is--the
better EVERYTHING will be. Sorta like Diet Coke wouldn't have a prayer
if COKE wasn't a powerhouse....sorta. I DO see a lot of "whoa! GREAT
idea...too bad we can't try it on our core brand" Why???!!! Is it
"assuming" that traditional readers won't like it?
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This time it's Acres of Books, for real now
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Looks like that "no vaccination" strategy is working out great for you.

1st Measles Case In 6 Years Reported In LA County

LOS ANGELES (AP) ― The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is confirming a young child in the area has the measles. The case is the first since 2002.

Officials said Monday they did not know the source of the disease, but added that the child had not been vaccinated. Measles is a respiratory disease caused by a virus, with symptoms of rash, high fever, cough, runny nose and red watery eyes. In about one in five cases they can lead to complications including diarrhea, ear infections, pneumonia and sometimes death.

Earlier this year nearly a dozen children contracted measles during an outbreak in San Diego County. Health officials say such outbreaks can be prevented if children are vaccinated.
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I should probably get over my resistance and go see the doc for x-rays. I just stretched out my achy shoulder/neck/ribs on the right and my foot kicked a chair two feet.

Bodies: overrated.
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"Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, the nation's largest nuclear power plant, where security officials detained a contract worker with a small pipe bomb in the back of his pickup truck on 02 November 2007. The Department of Homeland Security said there was no known terrorism link to the incident at the plant west of Phoenix, Arizona. The worker, Roger William Hurd, told investigators he didn't know how the bomb got in his truck and was released"


From a wire service photo caption. I just.
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Courtesy [ profile] klikitak, some apparent placeholder text on Ms. Rachael Ray's website for her "heirloom recipe" submission form.

for when it's taken down )

I for one would pay good money to watch Ms. Ray lead a UFO death cult into oblivion.
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The "health" "plan" from my last job has still not paid any of the claims from February to March of this year.

Today I got a bill from a collection agency for an $800+ charge, now with added interest.

A month ago I spoke to a "rapid resolution expert" at the health plan who was shocked, shocked at the lack of payment and pressed lots of buttons and told me it would be resolved in 30 days.

Nothing was done.

Today I spoke to another "rapid resolution expert" who was even more shocked and promised me a written response in 48 hours and resolution within ten business days. He gave me a magic string of digits which supposedly will make the collection agency back off.

Once again let me observe that I am at the very top of the privilege ladder here, and I'm getting reamed really hard.
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I am in a crabby mood because I blew off some things I shouldn't have, and because I got sunburned on one side of my face due to inattention, and because weltschmerz. Therefore I would like to point out that this U.S. holiday called "Memorial Day" is the original day of remembrance for the dead of the U.S. Civil War, which was the worst thing ever to happen in this country, and which we should remember because so many people died or had their lives wrecked. And that the day we call Veterans Day was originally Armistice Day because it commemorated the end of the Great War which was the worst thing ever to happen in the entire world, and which we should remember because so many tens of millions of people died or had their lives wrecked.

And finally that the day our current administration wishes to call Patriot Day commemorates a disastrous terrorist attack on our nation and the final irreversible step from republic into empire, forever.

Hail Caesar and have a nice barbecue.
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The "current music" defines it. Now this is trucker country music.

I took 3 bennies...
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This was not a good day to shop at my usual shopping mall back in KC nor is it going to be a good day getting around the Bay Area for a very long, very very long time.

The photo gallery for the trucksplosion story is amazing.
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  1. Yesterday I ran out of milk. This is a "can't happen" in my household because I put milk in my coffee. Without milk there is no coffee, and a day without coffee is like night. When I staggered into the kitchen I realized how screwed I was. I knew I had some chocolate covered espresso beans in the fridge, but that wouldn't be a complete solution. From experience, I knew that nothing but liquid coffee would do.

    In the carafe was yesterday's leftover coffee. It was tepid and slightly burnt from going the whole two hours before the heat element switched off. There was about a pint of it. I poured it into a pint beer glass, chugged it (blrughggl), and chased it with two of the beans so that the chocolate would sweeten the acrid taste of room temperature slightly burnt coffee.

    Then I realized it. This was the morning that so many alcoholics had described. Bad liquor with no ice, chased with something else, because without the hair of the dog the DTs would start. With the bitter rancid taste of dead coffee on my lips I started to laugh at myself.

  2. I'm taking Vicodin right now for torticollis and focal dystonia of shoulder muscles. I don't take painkillers, haven't since I was 14. I'm always interested in risk, so I read up on the stuff. Obviously one shouldn't take more than what's prescribed, and it's not a long-term solution to anything. And it's well known that mixing the stuff with alcohol is dangerous.

    Of course this stuff is widely abused because doctors and dentists give it out freely and people share and trade and sell it. And the abuse is sometimes just taking many at once, and sometimes washing it down with alcohol. This is clearly risky behavior because of the synergistic effects and the possible coma/breathing problems/brain damage/death.

    But there's something else about Vicodin. It's what used to be called "Tylenol #3," and it's a blend of codeine and acetaminophen (Tylenol). It's recently been noted that Tylenol is a liver toxin in large amounts. For example, people do a suicide gesture with a bottle of the stuff and later feel fine, and then drop dead a week later because their liver has been killed.

    And as you can imagine, Tylenol and alcohol is a very bad mix. Because drunks get a lot of headaches, they sometimes eat handfuls of Tylenol or painkillers that contain it, worsening their liver damage tremendously.

    Since the last 20 years has seen a huge rise in abuse of drugs like Vicodin, particularly mixed with alcohol, one has to wonder: what kind of liver disease wave are we going to see starting in about ten years? Do any of these people know that they're not only rolling the dice with coma, but destroying their livers so fast that it's not so much dice as just suicide?
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"The defendants so literally ignored the needs of their residents, and most specifically Sigmund Bock, as to allow vermin in the form of a rat to become lodged in the mouth of Sigmund Bock and die therein,'' the lawsuit read.
Rat Dies in Man's Mouth, from the Orange County Register.


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