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I've never been a fan of Vice magazine, but these photosets of early 80s L.A. hardcore are great. They totally capture that scene.

Can't wait for the book!
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Joe Hall takes pictures of auroras and other beauties of the North. Special attention [ profile] pbd.
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I don't get tired of tomato salad.
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Espresso over ice, a little sugar, a little half and half.

Espresso over Ice
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So instead of prose you get the latest cute pictures of my cat:

Pouss #2

Pouss #4 (yawn)

More at my flickr page:
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Trophy Wife Koffee Klatch

Wall with Phone with Guy

Another thing I saw on the Westside today was two cop cars and the CSI van outside a house, with people, some of them tough guys with baggy white t-shirts, looking sad and hugging each other in the front yard. You don't see that too often on the east side either. I didn't take a picture of that because I'm not a photojournalist and it felt intrusive.
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I may go down to take pictures of the city's 100th birthday fiasco tomorrow. I'll dodgeball if I do. Might be interesting. Maybe get a shot of Dick Dale mummified onstage, or food on a stick or something.
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The maniacs at The Legacy Project have finally put Orange County in the news for something other than meth and reactionary politics.

They turned one of the hangars at the disused El Toro Marine base into the world's largest camera and took pictures with it.
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The Tao of Salad

Always opposed and balanced, always complimentary, the eternal beet salad and french potato salad dressings share the plate.
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Another visit to the psychiatrist means another load of Drug Ad Scans. Two of these are actually not from a drug ad, but from an osteopathic college's fundraiser magazine. The other two are the standard brochureware. Below we'll learn why misshapen closeted animal trainers are humanitarian, why Bob shouldn't use the nail gun for a while, and the relationship between bipolar disease and endless green rolling hills.

Siegfried, Roy, and a construction guy with issues )
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The gardener

Here is the gardener for my neighbors. She is in her late fifties or early sixties. She does their whole yard, lawn and plants, with one helper, once a week. Her pickup truck is stickered with patriotism. She clearly has arthritis or knee injuries and walks with a kind of swiveling cowboy swagger that says: I am in pain and I don't give a damn. She chain smokes. While she is working she does not stop except to take stock of progress or give instruction to her assistant. She's so focused that it takes two or three attempts to contact her before she'll break away from work.

She is a force of nature.

The gardener
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No really, Lighthouse in a Tree has a camera you can download and make, complete with Flash 3D instructional materials.

Via Strange New Products.


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