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This is a few minutes before she was shown the sugar content of the Frosted Mini-Wheats, and she was still happy.

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"You have blue eyes and wavyish brownish hair. your eyes are very light. You are about 5'10. Medium body, not tall and skinny, mans body.face kind of little red from sun. Seem like 40ish. Seem a little serious or shy. You have a dog sometimes. One time saw you with a woman. Did not look like anything serious. You are so handsome not cute, but do not act like it. i think i have seen you on thursday nights. what is you name.
new coffee shop that used to be diedrichs on 17th. "
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Today on the patio, every possible annoying person showed up. It was bad enough to be funny.

Area mentally disabled voyeur lecher foot fetishist guy, whose communication skills are very poor, was sitting at the next table smoking and thinkin' 'bout string or something.

One of those charity scam people came in. You know, the kind who don't speak your language and have a sign that says something like HELP WORD PEACE WITH $1 CONTRIBUTION and stand there looking plaintive until you shoo them off.

She got the brushoff from everyone until she got to Not So Smart Old Perv. She held up the sign and smiled. He stared blankly. She smiled again and held out the sign. He stared even more blankly.

This went on for three or four minutes.

At one point Bob rode in and laughed out loud, and yelled MEXICAN STANDOFF!!!

And then she left while we all picked ourselves up off the ground and started breathing again.

We want to replace her sign with one that says I AM BEING USED IN A SCAM; FOLLOW ME TO THE GUY IN THE VAN AND BEAT HIM UP.
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Happy four-zero to [ profile] kennfusion. It was great to see you.

ken pink bag
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Per Bob, flip-top peg-leg is in jail for dealing cocaine.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
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Bob gave me the manager's card. Looking him up, it seems he's has run Sapori and Mamma Gina's, or been involved in their management. So at least he knows how to restaurant. We'll see.

Also: "Athos Fiori" is a great name!

Buon Giorno, we await you.
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Big banner on the old 17th St. Diedrich:


Good morning indeed! They don't know what they're in for.

simulcast to [ profile] diedrich
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He's on the road, in Arkansas currently. He says: never go to Arkansas, they have more mosquitos than the Great Dismal Swamp.

He's looking for a place to crash when he gets here, at least temporarily. As he says, he doesn't need a restroom or a kitchen, more of a dry spot. I guess his real problem is the dog. If anyone knows of a dog-friendly motel around here that'd be great to know. He said he has enough cash to float for awhile until he finds a real place, anyway. But if you hear of any weird night watchman/sleeping bag living situations, drop 'em my way.

His own cellphone is dying but I have the phone of the guy who's driving him.
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I don't see a "for lease" sign on it any more. Wonder what's going in there?

[Poll #1003502]
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Jeremy and Vicka

Les Yawn
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I'd love to see people, do things, get out of the house, etc. And I may! But if anyone wants to hang out, you're driving. My two modes right now are It Hurts To Drive and I Am High On Drugs, and I don't relish either.

I can walk just fine, though. Maybe I'll walk down to 17th. Must take the right route, because "Aqua Man" lives around the corner from me now. In the same trailer park as Pirate Phil. Whoof.

Lost in a one story town
Where everything's close to the ground
Yeah the same shit goes down
Nothing comes around
It's a one, story. town.
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I talked to Bob on the phone today. He's moving back here. The cultural challenges of the South were too much for him. He's currently trying to get his crap into a trailer and get out and back to Paradise.

The quote of the conversation occurred while he was explaining that he only got along with the black folk in North Carolina because the white people were so horrible. Once in a while they'd let slip something about "white guys" and then rush to reassure him that they thought he was an okay guy. As he said, "I guess I'm just as black as Bill Clinton."

So, we'll see him when he manages to get loose.

[ profile] joyfulagitator I think he either lost or screwed up your phone number somehow.
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Got a call from Trout. He's going to be here visiting soon, probably, because a mutual friend is ill. Bad news but it will be good to see him.

I wish to entirely blame the visiting [ profile] eyeteeth for the fact that John Parr's horrible "St. Elmo's Fire/Man in Motion" is stuck in my head. Won't you just strap a mullet on me and shoot me.

lasagnese always wins
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The old coffee house finally shut down and we had a proper wake. Some people showed up the afternoon of the day before, and a lot more showed up last night when the doors finally closed. I didn't get shots of everyone, but there are photos here of people I never got on camera before.

Goodbye, patio! This is the place where I made my best mistakes.

The Wake Group Shot

Goodbye Sign (closeup)

More photos in this set on flickr:


Nov. 27th, 2006 04:11 pm
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The unique and also unique vocal stylings of everyone's favorite patio barfly, as captured by an unnamed barista. He's outsider everything, but particularly outsider music. As the place finally slides beneath the waves, let's all celebrate what made it so great: completely batshit insane people!

cut for inline video from youtube )

Those who can't see youtube may wish to download the .avi from my website. Please use right-click and save, since streaming ain't gonna be cool here. The video is 16M, squished down from the original 24M.


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