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It used to be that when I read something on the Internet and disagreed with it in a serious way, I would say something. I might be polite or not, depending on the context, but I'd have that moment of "I cannot remain silent!" and off goes the reply.

This is rare now. I look at something idiotic or wicked or just flat wrong and say: "who the hell CARES?" Is this a sign of a better-tuned brain or just exhaustion at the flood of dumb and nasty? Either way, it isn't as stressful.

I am going to SF next Thursday for business and will be there Thursday afternoon, evening, and some of Friday.

Bob used the phrases "concerned morons," "box-wine rummo," and "bar-stained elbows" today.

What's your favorite nonferrous metal, and why?
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I return. I've been gone for a week. Therefore I am DRAWING a LIME in the SAND and not even trying to catch up on anything here. If you got killed or the Beatles came back or something, let me know. Apologies.
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dear lazyweb etc etc

I come back on Sunday at 4:30 or so but getting home is easier.
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Attention to the following groups of people:
  • Bar owners
  • Movie screencap posters
  • Homeowners with new large televisions
  • Video website owners
  • Video uploaders to said sites
  • Home video enthusiasts

I mean if you want to spend four figures on a piece of equipment and misuse it it's your deal but I have to look at this one. Stretching everything so it reaches the edge of the screen is not the same as making it look good. And why the fuck would you want to post a screencap online of your favorite movie with everyone looking like they're in a God-damned funhouse?


Okay whew. None of this is important. But somehow lately the unimportant things are the easiest ones to yell about.


Dec. 23rd, 2008 08:26 pm
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Guys I just ate a pound of peas.
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I just very suddenly got a fever. This should be fun.
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I took on a mission to bring [ profile] salome_st_john coffee in order to get cookies.[1] On the way I needed to visit the 7-11 to get antacids, because I require them to avoid choking up and vomiting, always[2], and I was out.

I got the two coffees at Peet's, secured them, and headed to the 7-11. I was nearly sick in the car on the way; past time to fix this problem. Delaying the inevitable with a long drink of water from the bottle in the car, I took a deep breath and charged in.

I got my Pepcid Complete[3] and trotted back out to the car to take it.

Pepcid Complete, as purchased in the 7-11, comes in a matchbook-like cardboard foldover. Inside there are two little envelopes, each containing one pill.

The envelopes are made from a foil-like substance[4] with a paper backing. On one edge of the envelope there is a line drawn, with a scissors icon next to it. The type says "fold on this line, then tear at the slit."

I folded along the line, which was difficult; it was very close to the edge. Nothing like a slit was evident. Tearing at the line was fruitless. The situation was still urgent, and I used increasing force. Coarse words passed my lips. I bit and tore in a canine way, heaved at the thing with fingers and nails, repeated these things. A tear did open along the line, but this was too far from the center of the envelope to release the pill, which still sat swaddled and safe. The canine tearing resumed, with appropriate snarling included. No joy.

I now understood my fate. Modern medicine had been defeated by modern packaging, and I was in a suburban postmodern wasteland rotting from the inside, unable to reach my salvation, as in a bad short story.

Guzzling water and praying not to lose it again, I drove the mile to [ profile] salome_st_john's place and rushed in, demanding scissors. I was saved.


[1] This is a very good way to spend two bucks.

[2] Since puberty I have had acidic stomach and GERD beyond belief. It's crummy. Nothing fixes it. Oh well!

[3] This is a combination of chewable antacid and a dose of famotidine which is an ideal quick-acting solution to sudden acid indigestion. I recommend it.

[4] I have nothing but admiration for the inventors of this remarkable substance. At first it appears to be simply paper and aluminum foil. Fifteen minutes into the process I realized that I had in my hands some miracle of materials science, developed perhaps for the Stealth Bomber, which managed to be soft and ductile yet completely untearable; it could only be cut by a sharp blade. Kudos!


Dec. 19th, 2008 08:28 pm
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The Vancouver Supercomputing Apartment sent me wonderful things, including a ROASTING PAN which will ROAST all kinds of things! Many thanks to [ profile] stimps!

[ profile] mendel and [ profile] nyxie sure know how to pick a holiday card.

My sainted family gave me a little Canon digital camera, which will make it much easier to catalog horrible ads, ugly people, and cute animals.

I received books, which I shall read! Including some Paul Auster, Umberto Eco, and other delights for HI-BROW FOLKS such as me.

I did not get a rock.


Dec. 18th, 2008 12:11 pm
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Aug. 27th, 2008 04:02 am
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Folks I woke up at 3 again and it's 4 and tomorrow I drive to Hollywood and I do not approve.

However! There is a cat on me, and I haven't been watching any of the politics on TV, so I am optimistic.
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I moved my graduation date back to 1978

My graduation year is actually 1983, but this '78 pic is more representative.


Jul. 18th, 2008 02:44 pm
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Goddamned shoulder thing is back. Goddamn.

Knocking back a kilo of aspirin and hoping it goes away faster this time.
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I'm delighted by "unexplained bacon" but otherwise they're are pretty obvious and boring. Except that I don't like Philip K. Dick so much, so no Valis for me. I don't use emacs. The rest is good old pretentious me!
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My great-uncle Lee spent his last few months in a well-run County hospital in the California high desert.

At least once a week we'd make the drive there to see him. The hospital was a few miles out of town, next door to a prison. Lee was in the quietest part of a quiet hospital, both inside and outside his room. Gardeners worked on the landscaping outside, but that's all the activity I saw. The grounds were very well-kept.

After I talked to Lee, I'd go outside and wait for the others. Nothing ever happened at that place, so I have no idea how long I'd been there. It was just me, the constant desert wind, and some plants and flowers flopping gently around. I could hear the lines clanking on the flag pole. Periodically there would be an engine noise, or a gardener would go by with some machine or tool.

This week i've spent some time ill. Because my back and shoulder went out on me, I am in a different bed and bedroom than usual to get the big flat bed. It's a quieter and darker end of the house, and the big window opens onto the back yard. The weather has been very warm. My neighborhood is quiet, and not much at all happens there. I found myself flat on my back, not wanting to move, and listening to the clink and clank of hanging plants, wind chimes at near dead stop, rustling leaves, and distant suburban background noises like lawnmowers and pool parties.

I felt as though Death Himself had arrived. Time to sit up, stand up, move into the other room, and hurt more. I know what happens if you get stuck in a slow, warm, quiet, breezy Southern California day full of manicured plants and long silences. YOU DIE, THAT'S WHAT.
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I need a jump start. I'm at my house. If anyone local is within range and can stop by that would rule. I have cables.

thanks, [ profile] threepunchstuff!!
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A large-scale brain failure today caused me to believe that it was Thursday. Not much harm occurred, but I didn't go in for my weekly in-person day at the office. I'm glad that I work with nice people who don't scream at me for stuff like that.

I use cologne. I had two 99 cent start spray things of this stuff for a few years and then they ran out. I do not use very much cologne. The cologne was good, so I ordered an actual bottle of it. When I first bought it years ago, it was called "Prince Matchabelli New Musk for Men Under 30." I was already over 30 but I cheated. They have since removed the bit about under 30. Vindication, cologne-wise.

This article and picture of Hillary with Scaife is something else:

Buy Ernest Hardy's books. He's a great writer, passionate and thoughtful. I don't know who else is writing about music from a queer black perspective, but he's sure good at it!

I probably won't be there, but anyone who attends the last day of Dutton's bookstore wake party please pour a little on the curb for me. It's a big part of my L.A. life gone. LA Observed says it's this Sunday at 5.

The Los Angeles Times has a new "Innovation" exec and he is broadcasting motivational gibberish from Planet Zinfandel. I had no idea that journalism was the new rock 'n' roll.
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There should be a word for this phenomenon, and perhaps there is.

I am making a complicated point, telling a joke, or relating a story that illustrates some new idea. It's hard to get across, and after I make my point or tell my story, the other person doesn't seem to get it. Finally, my conversational partner brightens up and fully comprehends the big idea. Then, he or she informs me happily of the complicated point or the reason for hilarity or the moral of the story, in a thoughtful but triumphant way. Clearly I hadn't thought this quite through, but my story does lead to an interesting spot, had I only seen it!

It makes me want to kill people, with a shovel.


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