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I post this each year. It's E.B. White from 1952, writing in the New Yorker.

From this high midtown hall, undecked with boughs, unfortified with mistletoe, we send forth our tinselled greetings as of old, to friends, to readers, to strangers of many conditions in many places. Merry Christmas to uncertified accountants, to tellers who have made a mistake in addition, to girls who have made a mistake in judgment, to grounded airline passengers, and to all those who can't eat clams! We greet with particular warmth people who wake and smell smoke. To captains of river boats on snowy mornings we send an answering toot at this holiday time. Merry Christmas to intellectuals and other despised minorities! Merry Christmas to the musicians of Muzak and men whose shoes don't fit! Greetings of the season to unemployed actors and the blacklisted everywhere who suffer for sins uncommitted; a holly thorn in the thumb of compilers of lists! Greetings to wives who can't find their glasses and to poets who can't find their rhymes! Merry Christmas to the unloved, the misunderstood, the overweight. Joy to the authors of books whose titles begin with the word "How" (as though they knew!). Greetings to people with a ringing in their ears; greetings to growers of gourds, to shearers of sheep, and to makers of change in the lonely underground booths! Merry Christmas to old men asleep in libraries! Merry Christmas to people who can't stay in the same room with a cat! We greet, too, the boarders in boarding houses on 25 December, the duennas in Central Park in fair weather and foul, and young lovers who got nothing in the mail. Merry Christmas to people who plant trees in city streets; merry Christmas to people who save prairie chickens from extinction! Greetings of a purely mechanical sort to machines that think--plus a sprig of artificial holly. Joyous Yule to Cadillac owners whose conduct is unworthy of their car! Merry Christmas to the defeated, the forgotten, the inept; joy to all dandiprats and bunglers! We send, most particularly and most hopefully, our greetings and our prayers to soldiers and guardsmen on land and sea and in the air--the young men doing the hardest things at the hardest time of life. To all such, Merry Christmas, blessings, and good luck! We greet the Secretaries-designate, the President-elect; Merry Christmas to our new leaders, peace on earth, good will, and good management! Merry Christmas to couples unhappy in doorways! Merry Christmas to all who think they are in love but aren't sure! Greetings to people waiting for trains that will take them in the wrong direction, to people doing up a bundle and the string is too short, to children with sleds and no snow! We greet ministers who can't think of a moral, gagmen who can't think of a joke. Greetings, too, to the inhabitants of other planets; see you soon! And last, we greet all skaters on small natural ponds at the edge of woods toward the end of afternoon. Merry Christmas, skaters! Ring, steel! Grow red, sky! Die down, wind! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good morrow!

And this year especially to friends who are facing the worst life has to offer with particular courage and strength. You know who you are.
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  1. Dept of Insult to Injury: Mortgage bro dudes sell your info on the side

  2. For your aching back, wise men suggest frankincense.

  3. Area white supremacist serves as PR rep at school for underprivileged minority kids

  4. Pigeon hits the mic on the iPhone (youtube video)

  5. The government biowar scientist who was linked to the anthrax mailings stood to gain money from the attacks and was an odd duck indeed.

  6. Locals: Chester Drawers is full of cockroaches and other gross things
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diedrich dumpster - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Those were careless days, and the road stretched on and on
Now it's a wonder and a shame that those careless days are gone

-- Peter Case, "Horse & Crow"


Jul. 11th, 2008 12:25 pm
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  1. People who stand in line and take abuse to purchase an overpriced phone with a horrible shitty painful billing plan. THEY'RE FUNNY!

  2. Full Sail's IPA isn't so great. A salad made solely of artichoke hearts with olive oil and basil, however, is so great.

  3. Trying to figure out why I haven't been able to read more than 3 paragraphs and I can't get shit done, I noticed that I hadn't taken my Adderall or even picked it up from the pharmacy for more than a week. I should pay more attention! HAW!


  5. NASA sent me email with the subject line "What's wrong with the Sun?" and I panicked a little. But it was just a tease. Apparently the Sun is still okay.

  6. I can't believe Phil Gramm said the economic downturd was psychological and that we were a country of whiners. Did the Democrats pay him off with some hot toilet sex?

  7. I live in the only place with acceptable weather currently.

  8. I heard "I love a man in a uniform" on the muzak at Trader Joe's yesterday while I was in line behind a woman who wore camo pants with "peace" on the ass.
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Generalissimo George Carlin is still dead.
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I'm delighted by "unexplained bacon" but otherwise they're are pretty obvious and boring. Except that I don't like Philip K. Dick so much, so no Valis for me. I don't use emacs. The rest is good old pretentious me!
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The science nerdery and party at the museum is tomorrow, starting at 5:30. I have two advance tickets left. Joshua and I are somehow going to meet and go together. I'm sure we could pick people up on the way if anyone is interested.

The only thing I am not sure of is when we'll go. Arriving at 5:30 in Exposition Park requires Nightmare Traffic, so if he arrives earlier we might just go for it.

If anyone is interested in going and might go at a different time, you might want to try meeting me in person tonight and getting a ticket from me. Or leave a note here if you have another exciting idea.
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I received these two items in the mail yesterday simultaneously:

Lodge 6 1/2" miniature cast iron skillet

T1 Miniature 20W Autotuner (And FT-817 Remote-Control Adapter)

19th or 21st century, I need my tools! I don't think the T1 can tune the pan into an antenna though.
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A large-scale brain failure today caused me to believe that it was Thursday. Not much harm occurred, but I didn't go in for my weekly in-person day at the office. I'm glad that I work with nice people who don't scream at me for stuff like that.

I use cologne. I had two 99 cent start spray things of this stuff for a few years and then they ran out. I do not use very much cologne. The cologne was good, so I ordered an actual bottle of it. When I first bought it years ago, it was called "Prince Matchabelli New Musk for Men Under 30." I was already over 30 but I cheated. They have since removed the bit about under 30. Vindication, cologne-wise.

This article and picture of Hillary with Scaife is something else:

Buy Ernest Hardy's books. He's a great writer, passionate and thoughtful. I don't know who else is writing about music from a queer black perspective, but he's sure good at it!

I probably won't be there, but anyone who attends the last day of Dutton's bookstore wake party please pour a little on the curb for me. It's a big part of my L.A. life gone. LA Observed says it's this Sunday at 5.

The Los Angeles Times has a new "Innovation" exec and he is broadcasting motivational gibberish from Planet Zinfandel. I had no idea that journalism was the new rock 'n' roll.


Dec. 5th, 2007 11:43 pm
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Implementation of tag limit: suboptimal.

So I'm over the limit. Can't add tags. This means that a recent entry which is topical and of great use can't have appropriate tags. Rats. Okay, I'll remove some, can't be so hard. I use tags for fun a lot, and I could lose a few.

Problem: no idea how many tags I have. Just that I can't have any more, because I'm over 1000. No idea how many to remove. Only way to find out, as far as I see, is to remove a few and keep trying.

Not worth it.

Even better! The way this shows up is if I post from XJournal and I exceed the limit, my entry just gets no tags. If I look at the entry, it has all the tags I wanted. But if I click on the tag icon to add and edit them, it then complains when I save. But it doesn't say which tag is new and can't be added, nor does it give me a link to the tag edit page so I can remove some; I have to find that myself.

I am put in mind of various developers who've been fired from my jobs for Just Not Listening.

Okay, tags were fun. Non-feature now.

Software engineering: be a part of it!
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If you use the Bad Behavior antispam plugin, and your WP install just locked out you and your friends and your load balancer itself, it's because of this:

Area Bad Behavior Software Shows Bad Behavior.

Upgrade or face doom.
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The "health" "plan" from my last job has still not paid any of the claims from February to March of this year.

Today I got a bill from a collection agency for an $800+ charge, now with added interest.

A month ago I spoke to a "rapid resolution expert" at the health plan who was shocked, shocked at the lack of payment and pressed lots of buttons and told me it would be resolved in 30 days.

Nothing was done.

Today I spoke to another "rapid resolution expert" who was even more shocked and promised me a written response in 48 hours and resolution within ten business days. He gave me a magic string of digits which supposedly will make the collection agency back off.

Once again let me observe that I am at the very top of the privilege ladder here, and I'm getting reamed really hard.
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My life would be so much easier if everything could be tab-completed.
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The MacBook developed one of those great Permanent Vertical Lines on its display this evening. It's a shimmering kind of emerald green a fifth of the way over from the right.

This means that I will have to spit 'n' shine up the laptop and remove the memory I put in it so I can go into the Apple Store and play "don't ask don't tell" about the fact that I actually use the thing, because the "geniuses" are instructed to deny service by any means necessary including mockery and insinuations of sabotage. If I have any luck, they'll agree to fix it instead of declaring that I must have thrown it off the back of a horse because my wrist sweat corroded the unobtainium finish.

I'm tired of broken stuff. Especially when it's stuff I need to survive, like wheels on my car or the only tool of my trade, and especially when it's still in its prime and way before any problems are "expected."



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